Jimmy is a registered massage therapist and a certified professional personal trainer with background certifications in fascial stretch therapy (Level 3 Medical Certified), and functional movement and training. As food should be your medicine, Jimmy understands that movement is also another modality of medicine. Using a hybrid approach to therapy and training, Jimmy does not adopt a single approach and philosophy of the human body. He has his shared past of years with weight training/bodybuilding, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and functional patterns to training. Currently, Jimmy trains all the different elements of Mixed Martial Arts as his passion drives him to understand and experience human movement in depth. He also enjoys the occasional trail hiking or running and bouldering as a supplement to his own movement practice.


Movement: A daily practice and the universal approach

No matter what physical activity we are doing, or not doing, we are most definitely using our mind and body to perform whatever task that presents in front of us. Therefore, movement is a constant practice that presents itself upon us from the moment we are born. It is a milestone for a baby to start walking, but why does it have to stop there? Whether you run, ski, skate, fight, dance, swim, bike, etc there is one common utility: the human body creating movement. This means, that there is most definitely a universal understanding and approach to movement. By learning the basic universal principles to movement with proper applications can pave a foundation to unlocking a new era of unparalleled health improvements than that of traditional modern medicine alone.

Experience the Depth of Somatic Embodiment


All options are available for in-home service


Relief & Recovery


Massage Therapy is highly effective for acute or chronic pain that is often presented in the soft tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

Osteopath at Work

Stay Strong, Loose and Mobile


A modern approach to stretching as therapy. Science-based approach that systemically reduces overall body tension and greatly improves range of motion. Fast, effective and best of all with NO pain!


Successful Stories from Movement Inspired Philosphy

Personal Trainer

An Enhanced You


Understand how your body interacts with your environment to create movement. Then apply the movement in different planes of motion. With professional experience and testimonial backed results, training with Jimmy will improve: your body composition, movement literacy, and knowledge about your own body.


Build Foundational Tensegrity


Using posture and focused muscle engagement to radically improve your entire posture and structure. Build the strongest base and move with less pain and with more function!

Support Your Well-Being


Learn what it takes to take control of your own health. Emphasize on reducing your levels of inflammation through various measures. Thus, supporting your health by providing a viable solution to chronic conditions, hard to maintain weight loss, and other issues you face regarding your important health.

“The service was highly personalized to account for my unique needs. It was also well structured and the service was supplied with a positive attitude. 

I saw improvements in posture, strength and flexibility. I also got into yoga as a result thanks to Jimmy's multi-faceted knowledge. 

Would highly recommend Jimmy's services to anyone who wants to change their life for the better. ”

Sam Linetsky

Jimmy was an extremely attentive trainer. He paid attention to my individual needs and designed exercises that worked with my limitations, while challenging them. Working with Jimmy greatly improved my range of motion and reduced my pain.
Jimmy not only improved the way I worked out in the gym but provided a holistic approach that changed the way I move and increased my bodily awareness in daily life.”

Nathan Goveas

"I owe all my knowledge in physical training and fitness to Jimmy.  When I first started, I was a complete novice in anything related to physical fitness.  Jimmy had to teach me everything from the ground up and he did a marvelous job.  He had the patience and passion to check every detail of my exercise form and carry out corrections.  He is a great motivator and sees to it that his clients reach their goals.  Due to his training, I can now say that I am well on my way to achieving my goals for fitness and my strength levels have increased to the extent that I can now carry out my physically demanding job (I am a woodworker).  In fact, I feel much stronger in the overall functionality of my body including my back, hips and legs."

David Jetty



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