Hear What Others Have to Say

"Working with Jimmy has been an excellent experience overall. He is skilled, well-qualified, considerate, sensible and a delight to work with and talk to. He knows how to encourage and push me to do my very best. If you want fantastic results then I would highly recommend Jimmy. He is a great trainer!"

Laurence Price

"For my birthday my family gifted me with personal training sessions with Jimmy. I was very skeptical at first, as to what good can come out of this.
Jimmy turned out to be an excellent trainer, he was always punctual, polite and cheerful in his demeanour. He is totally hands on and patient, always encouraging and motivating. Most impressive is he gives you full attention throughout your session. Never wastes time on unnecessary chit-chat or distracted by other activities. 
Jimmy helped me to understand good exercise techniques, developed good posture and cardio endurance. My physical strength improved and I felt healthier.
Jimmy is a gem of a personal trainer, he is worth all the money you invest in. I wish him all the best."

Bob Chiu

“My main goal was to get back on skis but also to work on my overall fitness, strength and flexibility.  I was introduced to Jimmy and I found him to be very knowledgeable about all the aspects of physical training and he took hands on approach to ensure that all movements were completed in the proper fashion, both from a safety perspective and with an eye on maximizing results. He spent the time initially identifying my goals and areas of weakness in order to tailor our sessions to get the most out of our time.  I was quite amazed at what could be done with simple body weight, a mat and an exercise ball.  Jimmy's approach to our sessions was always professional but he was always very personable, explaining both the hows and the whys, making you feel comfortable when trying something new which made the sessions enjoyable.   I learned a few new things about my body and its limits which helped me to progress more quickly had I been working by myself.  Pain was not really an issue and I found myself more "comfortable" in my body, stronger, more flexible and coordinated with my movements.  I feel better equipped now to carry on with what Jimmy has taught me as I look to continue with his good work.”

Mario Reffo


Hear What Others Have to Say

"The workouts Jimmy provided helped improve my physical strength as well as my balance. I feel stronger and healthier than ever. Additionally, with the right nutrition advice and exercise regime I was able to lose weight at the same time!”

Kathryn Landon

“I have been working with Jimmy since May 2016, when I finally made a decision to start getting in better shape.  Jimmy has been a great motivator and has challenged me, while working with me to tailor the workout to my individual needs. He makes the workouts fun! Thank you Jimmy.”

Teuta Dodbiba

"I sought Jimmy's help and personal training during the spring of 2016. I had a history of injuries that kept creeping up every time I would go back to the gym. Jimmy listened to my concerns and developed a plan that catered to my goals and "limitations" due to injury. I learned a lot about how my body functioned and about different exercises I would never have known about. I felt improvements in both functionality and strength which were key areas I wanted to improve in. 

Throughout the training he was very professional and engaged. Punctuality was never an issue and communication was prompt. I would recommend Jimmy to anyone looking to take a serious step forward in their training program in a safe and supervised environment."

Igor Vujaklija