Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)

What is fascia and what does it have to do with your health?

Fascia is a fluid-like tethered net that covers you from head to toe, it is found between the layers of your skin and muscle while being continuous with tendons and ligaments. The state of your fascia can determine how hydrated you are, how much tension you have, and even to what kind of emotions you are feeling. This organic water-like matrix is combined with a mixture of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system; often called, “neuromyofascia”. This inter-connected system is responsible for your dynamic ability to create structure from your posture, visceral (organ) health, and regulate emotional and psychological information to the brain. It is often thought “tight” muscles were the cause of restricted movement. However, further research shows that fascia is highly responsible for the restriction you feel when you reach down to your toes or the stiffness felt during lifting your shoulder all the way over your head.

Unique modality of treatment

FST utilizes traction and mobilization, while visualizing “lines/nets” (fascial meridians, fascial lines or fascial nets) of the body to globally address fascial restrictions (ie. stiffness, immobility, tightness, and loss of strength). FST is also highly effective in clearing deep joint restrictions that often cannot be accessed through traditional manual therapy. But what we love here the most about FST is that it combines breath, movement and all planes of motion to truly address your movement dysfunctions, it is an amazing form of active release and active treatment.

fascial meridian.png

Fascial Meridian - Spiral Line/Net

Benefits of FST

  • Improved range of motion, mobility and flexibility

  • Decreased feeling of chronic pain and aches

  • Increased body awareness and improved posture

  • Regulate the feeling of wellbeing for healing

  • Deeper and more restful sleep

  • Backed by research, surmounting clinical cases and testimonials filled with love!


FST is meant to liberate your restrictions that is causing you dysfunctional motion, which inevitably leads to misuse and finally pain. Free your body today, come and join the stretch wave!

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